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Social Media and friends

Social Media and friends
My Social Media sites Favorite Production studios, Industry Collegues and Friends

My SoundCloud page
Lots of Battletech-related audioclips and other sounds I've created.

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My YouTube Channel
My YouTube channel where I occasionally post videos but mostly link videos to projects I've done.

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My Twitter Feed
Twits and Tweets.

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Armadillo Audio Group
The vibe at Armadillo Audio Group is easy, creative and professional.

Owner, Supervising Sound Editor and Voice Artist, Peter Acker is actually someone who lives nearby - but invites me over for work just the same!

I need more friends like this...

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Matt Berky / Massive Productions
Award winning, full service production studios
Rocky Hill, CT

Massive Productions
dSonic Audio
Adaptive sound and music for games.

Brothers Kemal and Simon Amarisingham and a dedicated group of videogame professionals.

dSonic Audio
Stanley Wiater
Award Winning Author, Journalist, Screenwriter, TV & Radio Host and part time catalog model.

This guy MUST be good..

Stanley Wiater / ShadoWind, Inc.